What They Are Saying

Being a part of Teens on the Water was one of the highlights of my summer. It was such a fun way to get community service. What’s better than spending the day on a boat with your best friends, all for a good cause? I’m looking forward to this year’s music festival, and volunteering again!

-Meghan Polk

Thank you so much for the opportunity to help with the setting up and cleaning up of the 2013 Lighthouse Music Fest. I had a great time going with my family for the past several years. The music is always great plus its fun going from boat to boat collect- ing for a cause. At the end of the day my brothers and I enjoyed going into the lighthouse checking out the bands and getting some food. The community service hours are a great benefit. Thanks and see you next year!

-Jake Blanton

I would like to take a moment to tell you what a great opportunity it was to help with the annual music fest celebration. Our family has had so much fun there! It’s always a great time! This year my son Jake said he would come along with me to help with the set up. We caught a ride out to the lighthouse on the police boat, got an up close and personal tour of lighthouse, and the most fun for me was that I had the chance to be with Jake doing something we really take an interest in. When all was said and done, we cruised back in at sunset, stopped at a restaurant and just had an awesome night…Thank you! p.s. Ink me in for next year!

-Cort Blanton (parent)

(Some children want to help and are not old enough. Their parents take them to join in the fun “holding up ships for bounty” at the Musicfest)

I like being a volunteer. A volunteer is someone who works but doesn’t get paid. The not getting paid part is so so. I get to dress up like a pirate and ride around in the zodiac all day asking people of they want to buy a t-shirt. I want to help the lighthouse stay forever.

-Thomas (8)

I like being a pirate princess and the lighthouse is a castle. The Lighthouse shows us we are almost home and when we can go fast. I like the lighthouse and want to show it to my kids when I am a Mommy.

-Jocelyn (5)

"I have done Teens on the Water every year since it started and it is so nice for a chance to really make a difference. Saving Huntington Lighthouse makes sure it will be there for us all and the generations to come!"

-Shannon Milligan (13)

"Although volunteering and working on community service hours feels good because you know you are helping people less fortunate or supporting a good cause, the fact is the tasks are often not that exciting. However, working as a Teen on the Water was actually a lot of fun. The weather was beautiful, I met so many great people and even though I'm young I enjoyed the bands. I feel that the lighthouse is an important icon in our harbor and community. I am proud to work to support this great cause and hope the powers that be will welcome me back again next year."

-Ryan Elizabeth Goldsmith
16 years old - Junior at Huntington High School

"Working as a Teen on the Water was so much fun that it didn't feel like I was doing community service hours. I enjoyed listening to the music, working on the water and meeting so many nice people. I think the lighthouse is something that the members of our community should cherish. I would be happy to continue to support such a great cause and I look forward to being a Teen on the Water again next year."

-Anna Tesoriero
16 years old - Junior at Huntington High School

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